July 30th to August 5th, Sun to Sat - Full Week
Who Can Go:
Campers Entering Grades 10-12 & New Graduates
Event Fee:
$450.00 - $620.00
Tiered pricing available
Deans Letter:
Deans Letter (PDF File)
Guides & Health Forms:

It takes courage to fully embrace the astounding wonders of this amazing life!  Together we will deepen and grow in our strength & courage so as to more fully claim the incredible gifts God has given us.  This week will truly be a unique and memorable Senior High week as we come together, old friends and new for soul stretching adventures.

In this sacred community you will grow in your courage to trust, for you will be truly accepted and loved for who you are as a beloved child of God. This is how Jesus has taught us how to live in community! As you experience this level of acceptance you will gain strength and courage to extend this depth of acceptance to others and you’ll experience the wonder of richer community.

In this richer community built on trust and acceptance you will be invited to share in the intimacy of meaningful conversations with God and with others.   This is how Jesus prayed for us to love!  These intimate and meaningful conversations will strengthen and prepare your soul for the courageous work and miracle of bringing the love you know at Pilgrim Lodge out into the world.

Some see their Senior High years at Pilgrim Lodge to be the ending of an extraordinary Church camp experience.  This ending is something very wonderful to celebrate indeed.  And yet time and time again Jesus takes our presumed “endings” and transforms them into beginnings, giving us the courage to up doorways to new excitements & adventures!  Come to celebrate the wonder of our God who consistently opens our eyes to yet one more surprise.  Perhaps this is the ending of your Pilgrim Lodge experiences and perhaps it is another chapter in the never ending story of God’s amazing grace.