This summer, our curriculum is called “Linked by Love.” 

“We know that love comes from God, and sometimes we experience it directly. More often, God’s love in manifest in relationships of all kinds that weave in and out of our lives. We see God’s love in close friends and family – those we are born into and those we chose along the way. We see God in quiet moments where we are present with each other and in acts of profound grace when we have been far apart. We hear God in life guiding and life changing words of truth from those who know and love us. We know that such love links our lives, teaching us about commitment, intimacy, grace, and faith. As we seek to create and strengthen life giving relationships, we remember that such love flows from God, links us all together, and we give thanks.”

The summer mission focus centers around the Platinum Rule: “Treat others as they would like to be treated.” Stay tuned for details about the 2024 Summer Mission Project.