This summer, our curriculum is called “What’s In a Name” 

“Names have great power. Some hold special meanings and some come with expectations. In a lifetime, we may give new meaning to our name or take a new name. Along the journey, we discover who we are and how God equips us to care for others.

In this new summer camp curriculum resource from InsideOut, we’ll look at how the people of the Bible confronted expectations, confounded others’ assumptions, and forged new identities. Campers are invited to use the sacred ground of camp to reflect on who they are as an individual and how they are connected to others. As we explore, we are reminded that God knows us beyond any name we might be called and invites us into relationship.”

The theme of the summer mission focus is the Platinum Rule: “Treat others as they would like to be treated.” Donations collected to support the mission will be divided equally among two organizations:

Daisy’s Children

Talented Youth Community Fellowship of Uganda