Pilgrim Lodge is available for use by retreat groups from

May to early June and from late August through October.

We welcome guests to visit for a tour of the site!

please call ahead to schedule an appointment


$82 per person for 2 overnights and 5 meals

discounts apply for persons staying beyond 3 nights

What’s Included?

  • Pilgrim Lodge staff will provide all meals as well as any lifeguarding, boating assistance, and all other waterfront access.
  • All of our meals are cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients, and our Chef will work directly with you to create the best menu for your group.
  • Each cabin contains 7-18 beds, totaling 130 beds for the entire site;  as well as its own restroom and shower.

Because we prepare your food freshly at each meal, we are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions and preferences.

For more details about the site, check out the Camp Facilities page.

For further information on availability, rates, to schedule a tour, or to request a reservation, please contact us.