There are several financial aid options for campers at Pilgrim Lodge, including scholarships and discount opportunities.

  • Local Church Scholarships  Start here! Many local churches have their own camp scholarship program. Please ask your pastor if such a program is available in your church.
  • Maine Conference Scholarships Funds are available from the Maine Conference to assist in paying the cost of camp. Fill out the scholarship application form.
  • Counselorships are also available; in appreciation of parents who volunteer to be counselors, a $75 credit will be granted toward their child’s camp fee for each week a parent is a counselor. Immediate family only please. Please see the Dean and Counselor Manual for this particular scholarship form. Your Dean should be able to provide this to you, or you can contact us to request it.
  • Bring a Friend!  If you want to bring a friend who has never been to PL before, you and your friend can each receive a $50 discount ($25 for adult and half week sessions). In order to qualify for this discount, you must complete a “Bring a Friend” form and receive approval BEFORE the new PL friend registers for camp. Call for details. Once you’ve heard from us, your friend can register and you will both receive the discount.
  • Multiple Session Discount (for full-week youth sessions only) If a camper attends more than one full-week session in the same season, that camper is eligible for a $100 discount on the second and third full week sessions. This discount is only applicable when the same person attends, and is only for week-long youth sessions.  Call to activate this discount.
  • Camp Pride We have limited funds dedicated to helping campers get to Camp Pride.  Funds are available to assist with the camp fee. There is no expiration date on this application, but funds will be distributed according to need until they are depleted. Simply fill out the application form.