What is tiered pricing?

Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, Pilgrim Lodge has instituted a voluntary three-tier fee program.

  • Tier 1 reflects the actual cost of providing a week of Camp at Pilgrim Lodge.
  • Tier 2 is a discounted rate, but still closely accounts for the costs of camp.
  • Tier 3 is our historically subsidized range and does not reflect all costs of operating our summer camp programs and site.

Please choose the tier that is most suitable for your family.

If at all possible for you, Tier 1 and Tier 2 will help us assure that Pilgrim Lodge is sustainable for future campers! All campers receive the same Pilgrim Lodge experience regardless of what tier is chosen. For those families that cannot afford Tier 3, additional financial assistance is available to ensure that everyone has the wonderful opportunity to attend camp.

The scholarship application is available to download here or call 207-724-3200 to have one mailed to you.

When should campers be dropped off and picked up?

Transportation to and from Pilgrim Lodge is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

Those campers arriving to Maine from out of state by plane, bus, or train; should contact the camp office to make travel arrangements. For additional information, please read our Transportation Information. 

  • Check-in/registration is generally 2-4 pm the first day of the session (often Sunday)
  • Pickup is 9:30-10:30 am the final day of the session (often Saturday)
  • If there is a change to either of these times, the actual times will be listed in the Dean’s Letter

When you arrive at camp:

  • Drive ½ mile down the road to the “Welcome to Pilgrim Lodge” sign
  • Follow the direction of the arrow under the sign (generally to the RIGHT)
  • At the bottom of the hill, staff will greet you, help you unload and tell you what’s next

When picking up at the end of camp:

  • Follow the arrow’s direction to the LEFT
  • Park in the parking lot and meet campers in either the lodge or Quitobaquito (the dean’s letter will describe which location to meet)
  • Closing programs may be planned so check your deans letter!
What is the summer curriculum?

Pilgrim Lodge uses the Inside Out curriculum, the official summer camp resource of the Outdoor Ministries Association of the United Church of Christ.
Inside Out is developed by writers representing the mainline denominations in the United States. Camp Directors, Program Directors, and Camp Volunteers write the curriculum based on their educational and practical knowledge of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual developmental level of campers of all ages.

You can read the Daily Overview of this year’s curriculum, Peace Works!, here.

Can campers have their cell phone at camp?

Disconnecting from the world of electronics is a necessary part of creating the camp community.

Youth campers are not allowed to possess cell phones or other forms of electronic communication at camp and may be sent home if found possessing a cell phone. This also applies to Camp Pride campers found using their phone at non-designated times.

Adult campers are requested to leave cellular phones at home, but we recognize that adults may have family and business requirements that require them to make contact. If you must have your phone with you, we ask that you keep it off, on silent, or on vibrate, and that you do not use it in the presence of other campers.

For the complete Cellular Phone and Electronics Policy, visit the Camp Policies page.

Can campers bring a personal music device to camp?

Middler and Senior High campers may bring listening devices to camp to help them fall asleep if specific conditions are met. These conditions are listed in the Parent and Camper Guide on the Guides & Forms page.

For the complete Policy on Music Devices, visit the Camp Policies page.

May we visit our camper during the week?

Parents, family members and friends of campers are encouraged to visit during registration and departure only. At other times campers will be fully occupied and friends are asked to please refrain from visiting or calling by telephone.

Should we send mail?

YES! Campers love to receive mail. Cards and letter are encouraged. Please do NOT mail candy or food.

Please do not send mail after Thursday, since it will not reach your camper on time. Please use the following camp address:

Camper’s Name, Cabin #
c/o Pilgrim Lodge
103 Pilgrim Lodge Lane
West Gardiner, ME 04345-3687

Can we send E-mail to campers? 

You can buy a block of 5 emails for only $5.00.  Log in to your online account and click on “Email a Camper” to sign up for email.  Your camper’s email will be printed and delivered at bunk time along with US postal mail. Campers will not be able to reply to emails.

Is there a camp store?

Yes. The store carries T-shirts, memorabilia, postcards, postage and various necessary items. Store accounts for children are set up on arrival.  Usually $20 or so is enough for ice cream every day and various sundries. Any remaining funds are returned when the camper is picked up. The store account is also where the camper will draw money for any mission offering they wish to make.

What if campers get homesick?

Very few campers need to go home. Usually extra attention from the counselor and cheerful letters from home are all it takes to help an uneasy child. Parents concerned that their child may become homesick can do some things to help the child prepare for camp. A visit to camp ahead of time is the best way for a child to know what to expect. Please call before you visit. Coming to camp with a friend is another good idea (although we do not house friends in the same cabin).

Can campers stay in the same cabin with friends from home?

No. This is a common request. We do not house friends from the same church together, nor do we grant requests for campers to be together. Our experience is that friends from home tend to relate together instead of getting to know new cabin mates. We hope you will make new friends in your cabin. Cabin time is limited and there is ample time for friends to be together during camp.

What about camp photos?

Every camper will receive an 8×10 photo of all the people in their camp. Many more are available to purchase digitally, which can be pre-ordered at the store when you drop off your camper or ordered on Saturday at pick up.

What should we bring?

Pay attention to your dean’s letter for specific items they request, but for a suggested list of items see the Camp Guide appropriate to your session on the Guides & Forms page.

What should we NOT bring?

Candy; gum; food; personal listening devices; pets; pocket knives; valuables; jewelry; cell phones; computers; other electronic devices; and, of course, weapons; fireworks; alcohol; or illegal drugs.

May campers call home?

Phones are available for use by campers only in case of emergency.

Please see our page of contact information if you need to reach your camper during the week.

What if a camper has particular accommodation needs?

Pilgrim Lodge is an accessible site with paths, ramps, and a boardwalk connecting the majority of the sites’ facilities. However, we are a naturally wooded environment and some of the terrain may be difficult for those with mobility issues. We do have a golf cart to provide individuals needing assistance with access to some of the more difficult-to-access locations.

Please let us know ahead of time if you, or your camper, require specific accommodations or mobility assistance, so we can be sure to have an appropriate plan in place. Call the camp office at 207-724-3200.

If you require additional assistance with verbal or sign language interpretation, vision, social interaction, mobility or fine motor skills, medical or other personal situations, we ask that you attend with an “aide” to provide the extra care you need.

For the complete Pilgrim Lodge Accommodation Policy, visit the Camp Policies page.

Is there financial assistance available?

Scholarship funds are available from the Maine Conference, United Church of Christ, to assist in paying the cost of camp. The application for scholarships can be found on our forms and guides page.

In addition, many local churches also have their own camp scholarship program. Please ask your pastor if such a program is available in your church.

Counselorships are also available; in appreciation of parents volunteering to be counselors, a $75 credit will be granted toward their child’s camp fee for each week a parent is a counselor. Immediate family only please.