Letter to Camper Families

Pilgrim Lodge Camp Family,  

Hi, Jennifer (Jen) here, I am your new settled director for Pilgrim Lodge.  

 I am writing in response to the news cycle, the CDC warnings and the public address from Governor Janet Mills, concerning the COVID 19 virus and how Pilgrim Lodge continues to be proactive in preparing Camp for the 2020 season.  

The most important thing I can share with you is a reminder.   Pilgrim Lodge is in the business of keeping Campers safe and healthy in a close community.  We continue to take great care to develop and maintain medical practices to address a variety of communicable diseases, both common and rare.  Because we already have stringent state regulated practices in place and because we study and drill those practices, we have been able to stay ahead of these new concerns. We have been able to immediately implement best practices suggestions from the Maine CDC, American Camper Association and our Professional Health Advisers.  

The beginning of Camp season is almost 3 months away. With the exception of myself and Karen and John Steelhammer, Pilgrim Lodge is empty and just waking up from its winter sleep.  We are practicing all the best practice advice for the prevention of COVID-19.  We are washing our hands, keeping our distance, keeping our hands below our shoulders and away from our face and wiping down surfaces with sanitizer. 

Today at PL, the Coronavirus poses no immediate threat. Every day we watch, listen and review our procedures, staff requirements and supplies needed to insure we implement any and all additional precautions and procedures to our already excellent health protocol.

I am working closely with our excellent staff, volunteers, summer staff and of course the Pilgrim Lodge Leadership Team to be ready, willing and able to do that which is necessary to insure our Campers a safe, healthy and happy season. 

We do not know what the future holds for the Summer Camp Season; however, we continue to create, prepare, screen and organize your favorite camp week in preparation for opening PL for the 2020 season. As things change, we will do our best to update you on new information specific to COVID-19and CAMP.

We know that it’s a stressful time in all our lives. The PL Team is working to put together helpful resources, fun ideas, music singalongs, storytelling times and even art projects to share while we watch and wait.  Coming soon ….. “PL Camp Sunday” on Facebook and Instagram 

Getting Ready for Pilgrim Lodge Camp Season 2020.  

Jennifer L Paty (Jen)  

Director Pilgrim Lodge