Pilgrim Lodge

The Pilgrim Lodge tentative schedule for 2019 is provided below.
Dates and other details are subjects to change. The final schedule will be posted soon.
May 10th-11th, Fri to Sat - Partial Weekend
Campers Entering Grades 6 & Up
Jump Start Work Days to open camp for the season

It’s our camp! Please volunteer to help open camp for the season. This is a work weekend. Youth (6th grade and above) need adults with them. Free Friday overnight, Saturday breakfast for those who worked on Friday. Saturday lunch for all volunteers. More Info…

May 11th-12th, Sat to Sun - Partial Weekend
Campers Entering Grades 6 & Up
Free for youth groups who work on Saturday. Youth Group Leaders Required.

\ More Info…

May 13th-17th, Mon to Fri
Campers Age 19 & Older

Bring your fishing pole (and boat if you have one) to PL. Early mornings and evenings will be open for you to fish on the waters of beautiful Lake Cobbosseecontee, known for great fishing. Light maintenance projects helping us get ready for the 2019 season will happen mid-day. More Info…

June 7th-9th, Fri to Sun - Weekend
Campers Age 20 & Older

Ladies, come and enjoy a weekend of spiritual relaxation as well as rejuvenation with plenty of free time all to yourself or with friends. More Info…

June 10th-12th, Mon to Wed
Campers Age 15 & Older

Become certified as a Red Cross Lifeguard. You should be a strong swimmer. Space is very limited so register early. The price includes overnights, meals and all course materials. More Info…

June 21st-23rd, Fri to Sun - Day Training
Campers Age 16-18
Counselors in Training

Counselors-In-Training (CIT) are an essential bridge between campers and counselors. Learn new skills and understand the role of counselor. You must be 16 by the time you serve as a CIT. More Info…

June 23rd-29th, Sun to Sat - Full Week
Campers Entering Grades 8-12 & New Graduates
Everything you love about PL plus a focus on the arts.

God created the earth, now it’s time to discover what you can create!  Arts Alive is a week focused on exploring your creative side in a community of fellow artists.  Bring your tools for creating (an instrument, journal, camera etc.) and open your mind to learning something new. Do you have a … Read More More Info…

June 30th to July 3rd, Sun to Wed
All Ages!

Expedition Everyone: For every kind of family of all ages to stay in a cabin. Experience the Spirit that blows over the waters and through the woods of PL. More Info…

June 30th to July 6th, Sun to Sat - Full Week - 1/2 at Each Location
Campers Entering Grades 7-9

Want to go to a camp in the mountains or on a lake? At Best of Both Worlds you don’t need to choose. Start the week at Horton Center in the White Mountains of NH for hiking, caving and rock climbing. Mid-week, we’ll hop a bus and go to Pilgrim Lodge on the lake for swimming and boating. More Info…

June 30th to July 6th, Sun to Sat - Full Week - 1/2 at Each Location
Campers Entering Grades 10-12 & New Graduates

Start the week at our sister camp, Horton Center, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Mid-week you will hop a bus to Pilgrim Lodge on Lake Cobbosseecontee. More Info…

July 4th-6th, Thu to Sat - July 4th optional
Campers Age 5 & Older
Pilgrim Lodge and the beauty that God created are calling. Are you and your grandchildren ready?

    More Info…

July 7th-13th, Sun to Sat - Full Week
Campers Entering Grades 10-12 & New Graduates
Full week camp for high schoolers looking for an intentionally small-group setting

  Pilgrim Lodge is a great place to un-plug from life, make new friends, and find a bit of courage to take back to our lives at home. Please come join us at One Spirit Many Gifts! More Info…

July 7th-13th, Sun to Sat - Full Week
Campers Entering Grades 4-6

Calling all campers, we’re waiting for you
To come to Pilgrim Lodge to try something new!
You’ll make some new friends and have lots of fun,
Making memories every day until it’s all done!
More Info…

July 7th-13th, Sun to Sat - Full week
Campers Entering Grades 6-9

A week filled with everything sports related! Every day we will be playing sports, some traditional and some new! There will be opportunities to focus on skills and find ways to be at your best. No competition just fun and games. More Info…

July 14th-20th, Sun to Sat - Full Week
Campers Entering Grades 7-9

Middler Spirit will be #bonkers this year. Guaranteed. No two days will look or feel the same. All-time levels of swimming, boating, crafts, nature, sports, singing, and laughing. More Info…

July 21st-27th, Sun to Sat - Full Week
Campers Entering Grades 10-12 & New Graduates

Senior High is known for being full of laughter, friendship, and wondering together. Come as you are for a week to unplug, have fun, and just be YOU! More Info…

July 21st-24th, Sun to Wed - Half Week
Campers Entering Grades 3-5

Start your sleep-away camp years off right with Faith Foundations! Specially designed for younger campers, this half-week camp provides the full Pilgrim Lodge experience. More Info…

July 28th to August 3rd, Sun to Sat - Full Week
Campers Entering Grades 5-9
Calling all Harry Potter fans! The Magic Is Back!

Do you love Harry Potter? Do you also love Pilgrim Lodge? Then join us at Destination Hogwarts! We have all the traditional fun of PL – swimming, boating, cookouts and interest groups – with a magical Harry Potter twist. More Info…

August 4th-10th, Sun to Sat - Full Week
Campers Entering Grades 10-12 & New Graduates

A week-long residential camp for LGBTQ teens and allies. We will focus on finding pride in our stories, family in our community, and justice in the world. More Info…

August 11th-13th, Sun to Tue - Short Week
Campers Age 5 & Older

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your grandchild(ren) in a beautiful setting with lots of time for fun and games, great food and a chance to meet interesting new friends. More Info…

August 14th-18th, Wed to Sun - Extended Weekend
Campers Age 19 & Older

A relaxing and spiritual getaway for adults. This is a low key time for relaxation, catching your breath, and just hanging out in the beauty of Pilgrim Lodge. Full Session or nightly reservations are available. More Info…

August 30th to September 2nd, Fri to Mon - extended weekend
All Ages!
Labor day weekend with your family in a cabin by the lake

Family Camp is relaxing long-weekend for families of all shapes and sizes. Come make new traditions and establish friendships across generations. More Info…

Sept 6th-8th, Fri to Sun - weekend
Campers Entering Grades 9-12
You've experienced PL in the summer, now come enjoy it in September!

An opportunity for High Schoolers to enjoy the beauty of PL in the autumn. A weekend that is both fun and meaningful. More Info…

Sept 20th-22nd, Fri to Sun - weekend
Campers Age 20 & Older

Come one, come all, bring a friend for a relaxing weekend to do what fills your Spirit. More Info…

October 19th-20th, Sat to Sat - Single Day
Campers Entering Grades 6 & Up
Help us put PL to bed for the winter!

A day to put camp to rest for the winter. Bring a bag lunch and come on up. Youth 6th grade & older are welcome with adult supervision and signed parent permission. PL is beautiful in the fall and the work is so very appreciated. More Info…