Thank you, Volunteers! Jump Start Weekend was a success.

This past weekend, Pilgrim Lodge came alive through the helping hands of volunteers from as far away as Vermont and Presque Isle. An incredible amount of work was done to clean cabins (inside and out), clear the boardwalk and site of branches, leaves and cobwebs, and set up the kitchen and the Health Center. Wood was split, the shower house was upgraded, the labyrinth was cleaned up and boats were moved back to the waterfront. The rocking chairs are back on the front porch of the lodge just waiting to be used for long conversations among friends, solitary folks with a cup of coffee during the peaceful moments of the morning, or excited campers dripping ice cream! As I watched the debris of winter get swept away and replaced by blossoming flowers, I felt the quiet of camp transformed into new energy. Pilgrim Lodge is a place we share to come together and be among nature. Pilgrim Lodge is also the faithful people that make it community. The camp is ready to be used again and the energy of camp is set to welcome us together once more.

I am humbled by the dedication of our volunteers that so lovingly tend to our site and our community. I love the in-gathering of generations of folks who have loved Pilgrim Lodge and the anticipation of welcoming new campers who may come to love Pilgrim Lodge as well. We are ready! I look forward to welcoming you home this summer!

With eagerness and gratitude,