June 1st-2nd, Sat to Sun - One night
Who Can Go:
Campers Age 16-18
Event Fee:
$105.00 - $185.00
Tiered pricing available
Deans Letter:
Coming Soon!
Guides & Health Forms:

Counselors In Training (CITs) can have a huge impact on a camper’s PL experience and develop leadership skills at the same time. To a young camper, the CIT is almost a grown up, but is close enough to them to understand their thoughts and feelings. They play and relate to campers differently than the counselors do.

If you will be 16 -18 years old this summer, consider a second (or third) week at PL, but this time instead of a camper, as a CIT!

To serve as a counselor-in-training you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old when you serve (you can be 15 at the training if you’ll be 16 by summer)
  • Be at least 2 years older than the oldest campers (of the week you’re serving)
  • Complete and turn in paperwork:
    1. Signed Parental Permission Form
    2. Online Training For Volunteers Registration Form
    3. Full Camper Health Form – signed by a doctor 
  • Be invited by a dean (see below about how to make this happen)
  • Be registered for, and attend, a PL event as a camper at an event for your own age
  • Register for and attend Counselor in Training camp once (yes, previous year’s count)
  • Download and Read the Pilgrim Lodge CIT Manual

We know “Counselor In Training-Training” is redundant but we like it. Training is a lot of fun and a great opportunity for personal growth. You will learn new skills and understand the role of counselor. It’s a chance to give back to PL, although you can be new to PL too (and the training is great on a college application!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t know any deans, how can I get hooked up with a camp? Once you register for CIT Training, Karen, the Office Administrator at Pilgrim Lodge will email you with potential camps for CITs and help to make a connection with the Deans that lead the camp.

Why do I have to attend PL as a camper? When you come as a CIT you are not a camper and will have many responsibilities and must serve as a role model. For that reason, its valuable to for CITs to have their own week to be a camper as well.

I attended CIT training last year, do I have to attend again? No, but you are certainly welcome if you’d like to come as a refresher or just to be there with friends.

When I come as a CIT do I have to pay to go to PL? Not for the week you’re CITing. Some of the fee for this event covers a portion of the food for the week you choose to CIT. You will have to pay when you are a camper.

What if I can’t attend the training session, can I still be a CIT? No, this weekend is about the “T” in CIT. Please let us know if you have any questions.