July 3rd-6th, Wed to Sat - Three Nights
Who Can Go:
All Ages!
Event Fee:
$145.00 - $355.00
Tiered Pricing
Deans Letter:
Coming Soon!
Guides & Health Forms:

Expedition Everyone is a powerful camp experience for all ages!

Tent options available for this session.

From old souls to the young souls and all the in between, singles, friends, grandparents and grandchildren and families of all styles and configurations are welcome to join us at this four day renewal by the lake.  Expedition Everyone is a an adventure that offers a wide variety of ways to spend quality time with your loved ones, encounter new people, and experience restoration in the great outdoors.  Experience God in a new way: watching the joy of the hello echo on the faces of the young ones, creative worship in chapel, singing and stories around the campfire and enjoying the invitational peace of the labyrinth.  Whether you want to canoe or cannonball, rock in a rocking chair, or read a book, Expedition Everyone is an inclusive adventure at Pilgrim Lodge that allows you to enjoy the gifts of summer camp in holy and happy ways.

Come one! Come all!  You get to create your family for this adventure so grab a friend or a family member, and grandchild, neighbor or a church buddy and join in this outdoor expedition of fun, faith and laughter and loons!  No matter who you are or where you are in your journey, Expedition Everyone is just for you!