August 30th to September 2nd, Fri to Mon
Who Can Go:
All Ages!
Event Fee:
$145.00 - $355.00
Tiered Pricing
Deans Letter:
Coming Soon!
Guides & Health Forms:

Welcoming campers of all configurations…individuals, couples, relatives or chosen family…we create Family Camp when we converge together at Pilgrim Lodge.  Whether you’re a returning camper or you’re coming for the very first time, we know that you will find God’s love in the beloved family we will create with one another.

We will pack the weekend full of camp favorites: a talent show, ice cream, cookout, crafts, field games, time in nature and activities at the waterfront. Camp is always “challenge by choice” and that’s especially true of Family Camp. There will be opportunities for campers to lead some of their favorite camp activities and participate in chapel services. Camp is best when we share our gifts together! We’ll offer a variety of activities from free swim at 7:00 am, to quiet hours at 9:00pm, and you get to adapt it to your family’s needs. We also know that babies have nap schedules, and each person will find their own right balance for togetherness and alone time. We trust you to make the right choices for yourself and your family.

We hope that everyone will participate in worship, meals, and all camp activities. If you do not claim a particular faith, are agnostic or atheist, you are welcome here and hope you will participate to engage with the stories and the explorations of the community. Just as we ask all campers to respect the faith traditions of others, we will respect your beliefs too. There will be no efforts towards conversion or indoctrination in any faith tradition.

Just like in God’s Kingdom, the magic of camp is that you belong simply because you show up. There’s space for you at the table, plenty to go around, and you are worthy of the bounty that Love gives. So come, bring your family, and take your place in our family at Pilgrim Lodge for  Family Camp 2024.