July 8th-14th, Sun to Sat - Full Week
Who Can Go:
Campers Entering Grades 10-12 & New Graduates
Event Fee:
$495.00 - $650.00
Tiered pricing available
Deans Letter:
Deans Letter (PDF File)
Guides & Health Forms:

How is it possible to find the courage to do things like trust and forgive? What about speaking up and doing justice? Some days it’s hard to find the courage just to get out of bed. One way to build courage is through the help of God. Another way is through the help of friends we meet along the way. One Spirit Many Gifts (OSMG) is a place to meet friends who help us find courage. Oh, and also they help us find ice cream.

OSMG (pronounced “Oz-Mawg”) is for campers entering 10th to new graduates, and is a smaller event (maximum 30 campers!) by design. Being at PL with a small group means it’s easier for us to get to know each other and to do many all-camp activites. OSMG has all the PL essentials – swimming, boating, crafts, nature and ice cream – plus a few of our own traditions as well. We will spend time on the lake and time in the woods, getting to know God and one another. Each year we share Pilgrim Lodge with another event, and we are very lucky to again be paired with our good friends at Planting Seeds Growing Hope.

Pilgrim Lodge is a great place to un-plug from life, make new friends, and find a bit of courage to take back to our lives at home. Please come join us at One Spirit Many Gifts!