June 27th-30th, Thu to Sun
Who Can Go:
Campers Age 18-30
Event Fee:
$200.00 - $300.00
Tiered pricing available
Deans Letter:
Deans Letter (PDF File)
Guides & Health Forms:

Open to young adults ages 18-30!  Many of us seek sanctuary spaces where we can feel connected to God and connected to one another. In this weekend program, whether you’re a veteran camper of Pilgrim Lodge or a young adult seeking sanctuary in nature this summer, we invite you to join us in navigating our faith stories and explore our gifts. This new program includes all the fun PL activities including swimming, hiking, walking the labyrinth, and hearing loon calls on the lake while developing spiritual practices, conversation around faith and leadership, as well as our call as people of this earth to nurture the fragile planet we live on. Dive into a weekend of nature, community, and spiritual depth whether you need a place to rejuvenate, are looking to build leadership skills, or perhaps seeking to foster leadership skills in the church.