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Getting to know TJ Mack, a PL Leader

Rev. TJ Mack is a new member of the Pilgrim Lodge Leadership Team, a counselor for Middler Spirit, and the minister of Union Congregational Church of Hancock, UCC. Director Liz had the opportunity to ask her some questions about camp this winter. How did you find out about Pilgrim Lodge? … Read More

Summer Reflection by Sophie Schildroth

I started going to PL when I was eight years old. I remember the day my family came to pick me up so clearly. I was sad to be leaving something I had never experienced before. The first thing I said to my mom was, “Can I go again?” There … Read More

Gratitude for support from churches and associations!

The ministry of Pilgrim Lodge is made possible by the love, helping hands and generosity of so many! We offer our deep gratitude to churches, associations and committees of the Maine Conference United Church of Christ that have made a financial contribution since the beginning of 2022. Thank you (in … Read More

Check out what’s new for 2023!

We hope you’re getting excited about camp! We can’t wait to welcome you back. Check out some of the new options coming up for the season ahead!

Turtles Hatching

Check out a summer reflection from Liz Charles McGough, Director of Pilgrim Lodge, about the wonder of the turtles at camp.

Camp Proud

Each day I experienced a community of an ever widening and changing circle where kids who, in other contexts, would be left on the outside finding their place on the inside. It happened too for the straight boy who came to camp to support his queer sister and much to his own delight found a community of fun, joy, play and connection.

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